Financial & Investment Services

The financial services industry manages money for individuals and corporations. It comprises such organisations as commercial and investment banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, credit-card companies, consumer finance firms, accounting agencies, and brokerage firms. The industry’s services are mainly related to banking and insurance services, asset management, investments, foreign exchange, and accounting.

Financial services form the lifeblood of economic growth and development. They facilitate the setting up of big and small businesses and the expansion of businesses. Employment and entrepreneurship created with the help of the services enable people to earn and save.

However, financial services have largely eluded the poor and small and micro units, and there is great potential to extend the services to the informal sector, too. Perhaps, the future of the financial sector lies here.

10 Types of Financial Services Offered in India

• Banking.
• Professional Advisory.
• Wealth Management.
• Mutual Funds.
• Insurance.
• Stock Market.
• Treasury/Debt Instruments.
• Tax/Audit Consulting.

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